October 2018   
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Our Beliefs

*We believe that we are only one part of Christ's universal Church and share with believers other communions one Lord, one faith, and one baptism.

*With other Protestants we affirm the priority of salvation by grace alone through faith in the priesthood of all believers, and the Bible as the final rule of Christian faith and practices.

*We believe that the Old and New Testament reveals God's will for all persons concerning salvation, and new life in Christ.

*We affirm that Christ's death atoned for the sins of all people, and that this grace is effective of the salvation of each person who accepts it.

*We believe that Christians are justified and sanctified by faith alone.

*We believe that Christ's sanctifying grace is received initially in the New Birth (regeneration) when the Holy Spirit plants a new principle of spiritual life within, and that sanctifying grace increases as we live through the Spirit.  We affirm that entire sanctificaton is a gracious provision and possibility for all believers, in which the heart is cleansed of all sin and over with love for God and neighbor.