October 2018   
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Rev. Roy Lyons

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We are very blessed to have Bro. Roy at the Glasgow Church of the Nazarene! Roy and Loretta came to Glasgow in 2009 and Roy has been an outstanding Pastor to the Glasgow Church of the Nazarene. The best thing about Pastor Roy is that he preaches the WORD and the TRUTH!

Worship Leader

Rolland Stone

Rolland Stone is our Worship Leader!! He and his wife, Wanda, came to the church in February 2018 and they are a blessing to us! Rolland also sang in some local gospel groups but we are thankful to have him here! 

Sunday School Superintendant

Zach Keeney

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Zachary Keeney is our church's Sunday School Superintendant & Song Leader. Zach sings with The Laborers Quartet out of Charleston, WV. He is also a School Bus Driver for Kanawha County Schools and works for Cooke Funeral Homes.



Pianist # 1

Vicky Blankenship

Vicky Blankenship is our wonderful pianist at the Glasgow Church of the Nazarene! Vicky is a wonderful Christian woman who loves the Lord with all her heart. Vickie also sang alto with a Southern Gospel group based out of Charleston, W.V., The Laborers Quartet for 13 years. We are so blessed to have her behind the piano at the Glasgow Church of the Nazarene!



Choir Director & Pianist # 2

Patty Thurman

Patty Thurman is our Choir Director! Patty is a great singer and piano player, we are very excited to have her working with the choir at the Glasgow Church of the Nazarene! The choir practices every Wednesday evening after Bible Study.

Pianist # 3

Debbie Hess

Debbie helps and fills in on the piano! We are thankful and blessed to have her and her talent at Glasgow! Debbie also teaches Sunday School here at the church.

Children's Ministries

Patty & Elbie Thurman

Elbie Thurman works with the youth every Thursday evening. He has been involved in working with young people for a few years now and does a great job. Elbie can sing and play the guitar as well. We are blessed to have him helping with the Children's Ministries at the church. 

NYI President

Bob Hudnall

   Come and meet our NYI President  Bob Hudnall.

    Bob is compassionate about our Teens in our community. Bob is a great Christain man who enjoys being involved with the youth! Bob is also a great Sunday School Teacher! Come Join him on Sunday Morning!!



Shelia Harrison

 Shelia Harrison is our Secretary/Treasurer.

  Shelia is the bubbly person you will see every church service. 

Shelia makes everyone feel welcome.

You definitely want to meet her!!

NMI President

Marline Duffield

  Marline is passionate about missions.

  Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, Marline brings into view the struggles of the missionaries.

  Our Alabaster offerings that supports Missions is taken up in February and September.  All of the money will support our Missionaries.

    Easter and Thanksgiving offerings also go towards Missions.

     Compassionate Ministries collect Crisis Care Kits to be sent to devasted area around the globe.  Compassionate Ministries collect money to help the missionaries also.

    Come and hear her speak of the Missionaries and the countries they go to as they leave their families and homes behind.

Church Board

Our 2015-2016 Church Board consists of:

 Pastor - Roy Lyons

NYI President - Bob Hudnall

NMI President - Marline Duffield

 Secretary/Treasurer - Shelia Harrison

Sunday School Superintendant - Zach Keeney 

Members at large: Peg Clark, Don Keeney, Sherry Landers, Larry Duffield, and O.E. (Junior) Hammon